XCO Tech

XCO Tech

Enhancing human health and performance through precise measures of motion, biometrics and cognition.

At XCO, we develop leading edge wearable technology to optimize athletic performance and enhance human health. Through the precise measurement and integration of motion, biometric and cognitive data, we are tackling some of today's biggest challenges across sport science and healthcare. And along with our leading private and public sector partners, we are building real-world solutions that matter. 

Our Partners

XPS™ Technology & Data BioAnalytics™

The integration of novel wearable sensor technology, data analytics and machine learning for precision medicine and human performance.

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XPS™ for Precision Medicine

Advancing precision medicine with accessible, comprehensive assessment.

XPS™ offers an efficient way for researchers, clinicians and therapists to precisely assess movement, gait, balance, biometrics, and cognition. This is a transformative development in assessment and care for patients with traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative conditions, cardiovascular disease, and frailty.

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XPS™ for Sport

Smarter coaching with continuous, laser-accurate motion tracking.

With precise motion tracking up to 100x per second and 2cm accuracy, XPS™ provides coaches with deep insights into athlete movement; driving better training, technique and performance outcomes.

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Our Team

Scott McMillan, CEO

Dr. Jim Miller, Chairman

Dr. Anthony Phillips, Director

Michael Leies, VP Engineering

Natalie Arseneau, VP Marketing

Garth Smith, VP Business Development

Awards & Recognition


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