What happens when you mix data science with RF communications, neurology and human movement science? You start unlocking many unanswered questions in healthcare and sport. And, you also deliver cutting edge technology to emerging markets like robotics.

Jim Miller, Executive Chair

Jim has commercialized breakthrough life science based technologies not just once but multiple times over his career. He started his career though at the UBC Faculty of Medicine where he specialized in neurology. He then went on to be the founding CEO/President of QLT Inc. and Inex Pharmaceuticals which are now publicly traded. 

Scott McMillan, CEO

Scott has a MSc in Biomechanics and has been assessing movement for the past 20 years using a wide array of sensor and data based technologies. He was part of an elite innovation team at Adidas that brought new hard goods, soft goods and digital technologies from the white board to market.

Scott Stephens, CTO

Steve (to avoid confusion), started his career in NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and went on to work for a number of aerospace companies. He is an early pioneer in applying ultrawideband technology for location and navigation systems. He is an expert at applying data science and sensor fusion in radio communication based systems and products.