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XCO Accelerating Development of Remote Vital Signs Monitoring System for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, all countries, including Canada, are scrambling to acquire the needed resources to treat patients and to protect front-line healthcare workers.

In response, XCO, through an accelerated R&D program with international partners, is developing a low-cost wearable sensor to monitor critical patient vital signs, such as breathing, blood oxygenation (SpO2), heart rate, heart function (ECG), coughing, and lung fluid volume. This will be a transformational shift in the monitoring and care of patients with infectious disease.

As an immediate proof of principle, XCO and its partners are deploying a remote monitoring system that will enable physicians and caregivers to continuously measure changes in body temperature and respiration of COVID-19 patients within hospital, clinic or community-living environments. A substitute for the conventional digital probe thermometer, the system will provide a continuous record of body temperature that can be monitored at remote nursing stations, reducing workload and unnecessary contact and exposure to the virus.

This data will be used to alert and inform front-line healthcare workers of significant changes in the patient’s condition, enabling rapid treatment and quarantine decisions. We estimate the completion and deployment of this system for remote temperature monitoring in as little as two months.

This system represents a significant advance in integrated multi sensor technology, and the use of this system will have an immediate impact on the health and safety of front-line healthcare workers, and community health.

Beyond the immediate COVID-19 crisis, the system will enable more cost-effective decentralized care of patients with chronic disease (COPD, heart failure, obesity, etc.) and will become an important component of telemedicine. 


For more information, contact Natalie Arseneau at info@xco.io


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