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XCO welcomes Natalie Arseneau as VP Marketing

Penticton, BC – June 5th, 2019 – XCO Tech Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Natalie Arseneau as Vice President, Marketing. Natalie will start immediately in the role and will have responsibility for the company's marketing and communication strategy.

XCO Tech Inc. is a privately held Canadian technology company focused on advancing performance and health through precise measures of human motion, cognition and biometrics.  The company’s proprietary XPS™ Location Positioning System and data BioAnalytics™ platform fuses the world-leading motion tracking with biometrics and cognitive outcome measures, providing a real-time assessment tool that is precise, customizable and easy to use in a clinical or sport performance setting. XCO's active research and development initiatives span sports performance, concussion, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and the precision medicine of frailty, and is demonstrated through our work with the with the ITEA3 innovation program. 

DASH leverages the strength of XPS™ technology and, as a result, is the first portable motion tracking based system that can be used by coaches in training and practices to provide real-time feedback on sprinting, agility and jumping. Although training feedback tools are readily available for cycling and other endurance sports, DASH is the first product to meet unmet needs in today’s most popular high speed sports, such as ice hockey, football, baseball, basketball and soccer.

XCO was founded by Scott McMillan and Dr. James Miller in 2015 and is headquartered in Penticton, Canada.


For Further Information Contact: Scott McMillan at info@xco.io

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