Unlocking the secrets to concussion diagnoses, treatment and ongoing monitoring.

Unlocking the secrets to concussion diagnoses, treatment and ongoing monitoring.


Over 4 million people in North America will experience a concussion this year. Approximately 10% of them will still have serious symptoms a year later. Rates of depression, anger and anxiety far exceed the normative rates seen in healthy individuals.

It is time to stop telling these people to take it easy, lie down in dark rooms and take acetaminophen.

Doctors are asking for objective measures to help with the diagnosis and treatment of concussed patients. They are also asking for easy access to the patients history. And, they are asking that simple reports be compiled using all of that data and other relevant data on blood testing, imaging and genomics. Therapists and sport teams also want this information in order to help patients recover safely. 

The Exact Bio-analytics platform provides such a solution.

XPS is a sensor and secure network that delivers precision motion and biometric measurements using XCo's patent pending radio wave technology. Comprehensive assessments can be done using any of the following measurements:

  • Gait, agility, jumping, hopping and balance
  • Impact (g-force, linear and angular velocity/acceleration)
  • Reaction time
  • Vital signs such as ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, GSR
  • Eye tracking and cognitive tests. 

X-Intelligence cloud software analyzes XPS data in real-time and stores the data to enable easy future access by patients and their care providers. The software also runs advanced analytics on that data and data coming through the X-Connect API. Biomarker testing, genomics and other patient information can all be integrated into the analyses.   

The results are then reported to the patient and doctor to better inform diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and for athletes, a return to play training strategy.