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The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed modern healthcare systems around the world. As a result, many hospitals are operating over capacity, with limited personal protective equipment for those on the front lines.

As the pandemic and resulting demand for care continues to grow, we are seeing physicians and health systems turn to technology to enable remote care. But a gap remains around the accurate and timely monitoring of symptoms and vital signs. Factors that are critical for identifying deteriorating health and triggering an escalation of care.

In response to this gap, XCO is proposing the development and deployment of a simple and affordable remote monitoring (RM) system that will enable continuous monitoring of medical vital signs in the battle against COVID-19.


The Technology

The XCO RMS leverages low-cost disposable sensors attached to an individual’s chest and underarm to measure medical vital signs consistent with COVID-19 symptoms, such as:

This data is automatically relayed to on-site or remotely located medical staff via the XCO RMS app in order to identify instances of deteriorating health and to trigger an escalation of care.


At-Home Remote Monitoring

Millions of people across Canada and around the world have been asked to stay at home to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. They are worried about their personal health, and the health of their loved ones - whether they live within the same household or on the other side of the country.

These worries are exacerbated with symptoms of cold, flu, or a positive COVID-19 test. Not knowing what to do, they turn to telemedicine for help and guidance.

Using the XCO RMS, individuals can monitor critical vital signs such as rising temperature, rising heart rate, rising respiration rate and decreasing oxygen saturation levels from their phone or tablet, and share this information with their healthcare provider and support network. For even better communication with their healthcare provider, these results can be integrated into our partner’s EMR and care planning software.

The end result is patients that feel empowered, in control, and that experience lower levels of anxiety, while their physicians are provided with clinic grade data, enabling them to do their job at a distance, relieving strain on the healthcare system as a whole. 

How it works:


Acute and Long Term Care Monitoring

Hospitals across North America that typically operate near or over capacity are now having to manage large influxes of COVID-19 patients, threatening to overwhelm the system. This is also true of long-term care facilities for seniors, where outbreaks can spread quickly amongst vulnerable residents and staff.

XCO’s continuous monitoring and alert solution automates the capture of COVID- 19 patient vital signs. This IoT enabled network of wearable sensors transmits the data to a central monitoring system where medical staff can safely watch for trends and respond accordingly.

This solution significantly reduces caregiver-patient contact time, thereby reducing risk of exposure and spread of the virus, while also reducing disruption to patients during times of rest or sleep. The RMS is a solution that can be quickly deployed in nursing homes, modified hospital wards, and new temporary hospitals, where standard vital sign equipment simply is not available.

How it works:


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