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Every one of us is unique, we have a unique combination of genes, live in unique environments and have unique experiences. In medicine, such patient to patient variability poses formidable challenges to clinicians as they strive to accurately assess injuries and diagnose patients. Equally difficult is treatment, since pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments may be effective for one person, yet relatively ineffective for the next.

To date, the healthcare industry has not been able to offer treatment that is precise and personal. Instead over the past half century, we have been restricted to the use of normative data to prove the validity or efficacy of diagnostics and treatments for injuries and diseases. This has been the backbone of the healthcare industry in the 21st century.

However, through the application and integration of modern data technologies we are on the cusp of a new healthcare delivery method, one that can begin to personalize medicine and be a sustainable healthcare model by shifting a significant amount of today’s centralized care to a distributed model that can better reach patients throughout our urban, rural and remote communities. The combination of new digital sensors, internet connectivity, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics data systems, and blockchain record keeping technologies provide the essential components of a modern day health platform.

These new health platforms will enable healthcare professionals to efficiently practice medicine in a data driven world. They will provide much needed access to digital biomarkers that leverage widely available, clinical-grade and cost-effective assessment technologies, wearable sensors, insightful analyses, remote patient monitoring systems and seamless data access management. 

We will be able to identify precise, objective and quantifiable outcome measures regarding the current status of an individual's health and performance. As a consequence, we will be able to accurately define a diagnosis and regimen that will most effectively treat an individual’s injury or disease condition.

At a system level, we will make the practice of medicine more precise, reduce unwarranted variability in medical care, predict highly accurate outcomes, and reduce costs, all of which will benefit providers and patients. This is the strength of precision and personalized medicine.


Current Projects

Digital Technology Supercluster

Healthcare to Homecare Project

Using advanced devices, wearables, and data to help assess, prevent and treat causes of frailty amongst seniors.

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ITEA3 Project: Patient-care Advancement with Responsive Technologies aNd Engagement togetheR


Patient care advancement with responsive technologies.

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