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Delivering critical health information at the NEW point of care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses in today’s healthcare systems, accelerating the adoption of digital health solutions across the consumer and traditional healthcare markets. These factors combined with an increasingly diverse and aging population, evolving consumer preferences, and advances in technology within a more flexible regulatory environment have enabled this traditionally slow moving industry to adopt new digital health solutions at a record pace. In response, XCO and our partner have developed a clinical-grade, low power, multi-sensor Virtual Care Patch with embedded AI within the Health-System-on-a-Chip to enable anytime, anywhere personal health monitoring, clinical diagnosis and treatment.



The key to the novel wearable Virtual Care Patch is the cutting edge health-system-on-a-chip technology that is built directly into the device. This chip contains a low power AI computing engine for advanced algorithm processing, enabling the development of powerful algorithms while overcoming the high costs and short battery life associated with current wearable technology. This is key to improving signal processing to provide the highest data quality and sensor fusion.


Worn on the upper arm, the device will enable individuals to self-monitor important vital signs and health data from their mobile device in real time, and share this insight with their healthcare provider and support network, resulting in empowered patients and informed clinicians.  


The Virtual Care Patch is slated for release in Q4 2022 and will include the following clinical grade health metrics:



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XCO is actively seeking opportunities to work with Physicians, Clinics, Health Systems, Researchers, and Virtual Care Organizations through multiple partnership models.


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