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XPS for Sports

Speed, Agility & Power. All in one system.

XCO's proprietary XPS technology allows coaches to accurately and objectively measure an athlete's location, speed and acceleration in real time across three key activities for performance training and testing: Sprints, Agility and Jumps. With XPS we took what was previously only possible in the lab and brought it onto the field. 


Visibility into the data that matters

With precise motion tracking up to 100x per second and 2cm accuracy, XPS provides coaches with deep insights into athlete movement; driving better training, technique and performance outcomes. 


Stopwatch simple

There are no gates or video cameras to set up. Just switch on the XPS hardware, sync to the iOS App, and go! The motions are recorded, analyzed and reported automatically in real time. Data is synchronized to the XPS cloud portal for storage and longitudinal analyses.


Immediate intelligent analytics

Intelligent algorithms detect the start and end of a movement, and calculate the performance metrics so that they can be displayed to the user in real time.


Multi-athlete tracking

Standard XPS systems can track up to 4 athletes simultaneously across Sprint activities. 


Biometric integration

BLE/ANT biometric sensors such as a heart rate monitor can send their data to the wearable XPS tag thus enabling biometric display, motion-biometric analysis, and data storage using the mobile app.



XPS is redefining Speed, Agility and Power training with the following data insights:


Speed Training

Agility Training

Power Training



The first product by XCO with XPS technology, DASH enables data driven training by delivering precise training and testing of sprinting, agility and jumping. To learn more visit our DASH product website: https://dash.xco.io.


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