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XPS Technology

Breakthrough movement, biometric and cognition tracking. Made for the real world.

How It Works

XPS is a unique local positioning system (LPS) that measures location in 3D with a single ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking hub. The XPS wearable device transmits the UWB radio waves to the XPS tracking hub. The wearable device has a Bluetooth radio that captures data from Bluetooth enabled accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart monitors and other biometric sensors. 

Using UWB radio waves, the device sends timing information back and forth to the XPS tracking hub. XCO’s patent pending methods then calculate the exact position of the device, its speed, and acceleration. It also captures any biometric information included in the messages.

The hub then sends the compiled data to a cellular or WiFi network for connectivity to the real-time data analysis system, and on to the local cloud or remote cloud data management system. 


Hardware Specifications:


XPS™ Tracking Hub


XPS™ Wearable Tag



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