XCO Tech

XPS™ Location Positioning System


The first product by XCO with XPS™ technology. 


Evaluation Kit Includes:

  • 1 DASH XPS™ tracking hub with tripod
  • 5 DASH XPS™ wearable devices with belts
  • 1 Coach and 5 Athlete accounts included. Contact us directly for group, team and facility packages.
  • Unlimited downloads of the DASH mobile app. Sprint, Agility and Jump modules included.
  • Charging system
  • Carrying case  

Key Features:

  • Training activities measured: Sprints, Agility Drills, and Broad Jumps.
  • Easy to use: Simply use your smartphone to start and stop recording of an athlete’s training activities. The motions are recorded, analyzed and reported automatically. No extensive installation or calibration required.
  • Precise Tracking: Location to 2cm level accuracy. Timing to 2/100ths of a second (validated against gold standard timing gate system used in the NFL).
  • Real-time: Real-time path tracking, speed and acceleration.
  • Immediate Intelligent Analytics: Intelligent algorithms detect the start and end of a movement, and calculate the performance metrics so that they can be displayed to the user in real time.
  • Multi-athlete tracking: Analyze up to 4 athletes simultaneously. Custom systems can track upwards of 50 athletes at once.
  • Biometric Integration: BLE/ANT biometric sensors such as a heart rate monitor can send their data to the wearable tag thus enabling biometric display, motion-biometric analysis and data storage using the mobile app.
  • Leaderboards: Based on the most common metrics, coaches and athletes can compare and compete against themselves and others to encourage smarter training and heighten motivation through competitive spirit. 

Hardware Specifications:

DASH XPS Tracking Hub

  • Patented single hub tracking technology
  • Precise 2D or 3D motion tracking
  • 40-80m range
  • Tripod and wall mounts
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Size: 49cm x 47cm x 9cm

DASH XPS Wearable Tag

  • Proprietary ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and ANT biometric sensors
  • 3 axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Rugged, water resistant
  • Tucks into belts (provided), shirts or equipment
  • 4.2cm x 6.7cm x 1.8cm

US Customers: Please note that this device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the US Federal Communications Commission and is currently offered for evaluation purposes only. 

Canadian Customers: Please note that this device has not been authorized as required and is offered as Pre-Sale. Shipping is expected to begin Jan or Feb 2020 following authorization.

For additional product information or to discuss group, team and facility packages, please contact us directly at sales@xco.io or 1-866-XCO-DASH.